The Civil Rights Party of Canada (CRPC)

Le Parti des Droits Civiques du Canada (PDCC)
910 Fairfield Rd - Victoria BC, Canada
Telephone:  1 (778) 433-6747


Building our party is a team effort, and winning elections takes all of us. Help our cause by becoming a CRPC Victory Volunteer. We’ve got important races to win in 2015 and 2020, and the work has already begun. We have to win the House of Commons for all Canadians. Sign up today to find exciting and life rewarding ways to volunteer.

The National Coalition Party of Canada (NCPC)

Le Parti de Coalition Nationale du Canada (PCNC)

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Becoming a member of a CRPC is one of many ways to get involved in the political process.  In fact, you only have a ton to gain by becoming a member.  Here are a few benefits of party membership to consider:
•    You can take part in the nomination process of candidates, or even become a candidate yourself, so when come election time you may actually know the person running on that poster you’ve been seeing all over town, or you could be the one on that poster running to represent your electoral district.
•    Youth Community Leadership Branches. •    Become more involved in the political process and through this become more politically aware.
•    Along with party membership comes invites to social and community events.  •    You will meet tons of new and exciting people, and chances are that if they have also joined our Party, their value base is probably similar to yours and you may become friends.
•    It is one of the best avenues for influencing the political process.  You can give your input on government issues and can directly influence party leaders and candidates.  When your party or local candidate is elected, your views and influence will reach all the way into the Prime Minister's Office.
•    Party membership is not made public record. •    Costs of party membership are tax deductible
Become a member and help build a stronger and powerful party. The CRPC is a donation funded grassroots effort, and with your help our mission is as strong as your voice; this means we can only accomplish the task of Restoring Canada with your help.

Please use the contact form below to request your membership application form. Please, write membership in the subject portion so we may properly process your membership inquiry.
Membership Levels and Fees

* Senior: $10.00 * Youth: $15.00 * Student: $20.00 * Adult: $25.00
* Family: